Dana Caruso was born in New York and moved to California in 1993. Caruso was a teacher and administrator with LAUSD for 20 years before retiring in 2020. She has four children and five grandchildren. 

Dana is very active in her community. She was elected as an alternate member in the Encino neighborhood Council and is also the president of the Reseda Tarzana Republican Women Federated Group.

Since safety is her main priority, she wants school police back on every high school campus and will support the police with training, new recruits and needed funding. She wants to bring an active Neighborhood Watch to every community.

She supports school choice, so every parent can decide which school is best for their children. Parents deserve schools that will ensure their children will be proficient in reading, writing and mathematics. State and federal education money should follow the student and not be turned over to a failing school system. Currently many students are given high school diplomas without being proficient in English or Math.

dana caruso with dog

Caruso is dedicated to making District 46 a safe place to live and raise families. In the legislature, she will fight to repeal SB 9 and 10, which will help preserve the Integrity of our neighborhoods. She is a person to get the job done and fight for the rights of every resident. She is highly motivated and innovative in her approach to solving problems. She will work hard and bring much-needed change to District 46.

Vote for the Common Sense Solution.